Boozy Bears, Bouncing Here and There and Everywhere…

Gummy bears are awesome. Well except this one:

That gummy bear sucks, even if he is proof that you really never can predict what will go viral next. No matter how many times I see that video, it makes me want to start drop kicking the sugary little treats into a bonfire. (Semi related, a cherry gummy bear wrapped in a marshmallow then roasted on a campfire? Delicious, assuming you can get past the agonizing pain that a molten gummy bear causes as it gives the roof of your mouth third degree burns.) As I said though, his little green bouncing butt went viral and has its own video game, spin off videos, you name it. So even the lame gummy bears have fans.

Back to how gummy bears are awesome. Do you know how gummy bears can make you the hero for a gathering of your friends? Add alcohol. That’s right, booze. Vodka, rum, tequila…make these little tasty teddies the life of the party. Think of them as jello shots with a +10 to damage.

I have to give a shout out to my little brother for introducing me to the boozy gummy world. That guy finds some of the craziest things. Since I heard of this various friends and I have tried adding alcohol to any gummy candy we could get our hands on. All said and done? A good bag of gummy bears just works the best. Why? Well because you can either do them in a huge batch with one kind of alcohol and have lots of different flavors or you can separate them and add different booze to different bears to get more specific different flavors.

Before I get to the making of the boozy bears, I just had to share this video- a stop motion homage to old school video games- because it is my favorite involving gummy bears. I am all for playing with your food.

Oh, a few additional notes. Do NOT give these to kids (duh), or anyone underage (duh), or anyone who just shouldn’t have these because they have no self-control (really do you want to deal with them anyway?). Do not bear and drive. Do not over indulge. I don’t even know what the alcohol content of these little guys might be. Please be responsible.

Boozy Bears

The following is assuming you were crazy enough to separate them. (Oh, and so you know, I am using Black Forest Gummy Bears)

  • Green- Tequila
  • Red- Whipped Cream or Vanilla Vodka
  • White- Malibu Rum
  • Yellow- Sweet Tea Vodka
  • Orange- Absolute Grapevine (Why they call it that I don’t know since it is tropical flavored.)
  1. Keep all the bottles of alcohol you are going to use in the freezer, or at least the portion you will be using on the bears in there. This is important, since the gummies just don’t seem to get as sludgy and sticky if the alcohol is cold at the start.
  2. Take the gummy bears and lay them out in a glass casserole dish, or some other glass/ceramic dish. It is better if you can lay them at least mostly flat so they aren’t just all piled on top of each other.
  3. Add the alcohol, pouring in enough to just cover the bears. Don’t go overboard here, because then you just end up with a lot of extra gummy bear flavored vodka (then again this is not always a bad thing if you happen to have someone around who wants a shot of booze flavored with the souls of gummy bears.)
  4. Put the dish in the fridge for 4-8 hrs.  6hrs seems to be the sweet spot.
  5. Take them out and I suggest you pat them dry ( I usually do because it keeps the sticky finger factor down) then put them in another dish, or into a ziplock bag to take them to that awesome party where you are about to be a hero.

    On a lazy day, I didn’t separate my bears. Photo by AV

    Time: 4-8hrs

    Difficulty: Easy! (Although it can get tedious if you are separating out the colors.)

    Destructor Rating: High. These little guys are going to be a bit sticky, but that isn’t what gives them their high rating. It is all the spilled drinks and chaos that happen when people don’t believe you that they are highly intoxicating. Trust me.

    (In case you were wondering here are the other gummy things we tried. Gummy Live Savers (works), Gummy Worms (not so good), Gummy Cherries (tasted like Nyquil), Gummy Cola (with rum, worked well), Gummy Frogs (whatever that white stuff is on the bottom? No bueno with the alcohol), Swedish Fish (not even a little), Gummy Sharks (Meh just okay), Gummy Orange slices (Nope), Apple Os/Peachies/Strawberry Puffs (ugh horrible, don’t want to talk about it), Dots (nope), Gummy Alphabet by Haribo (tasty and educational), Gummy Clown Fish (they were hilarious), Gummy Raspberries (messy, no), Gummy Strawberries (WAY better than the cherries, tequila works well), oh and yes, you can in fact put a boozy bear into the center of jello shots.)

8 thoughts on “Boozy Bears, Bouncing Here and There and Everywhere…

    • Huh, yeah the gummy booze goo has never really lasted long, usually someone drinks it. Or mixes it with Sprite, THEN drinks it. :)

  1. I recently tried gummy booze bears for the first time on a camping trip. A friend had made gummy worms and swedish fish. I don’t know if they had just sat for too long or what but the texture was very difficult for me. The flavor was good but I felt like they were way too slimy. I would give them a second chance though :-)

    • Swedish fish just don’t work quite right and there is something about worms that comes out a little much and slimy. There seems to be something if you keep the booze super cold before oh and it is an amazing what a well placed paper towel can do.

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